e-Suvidha Project

e-Suvidha provides a one stop interface to citizen to interact with government departments. In Our day-to-day life, a citizen has to spend a lot of time and energy in commuting from one place to anther for various tasks, many of which are concerned with government departments. For example, a citizen has to go to;

  • a railway station for buying tickets;
  • electricity office for paying bills;
  • BSNL office for paying telephone bills;
  • Jal sansthan for paying water tax and sewer tax;
  • Collectorate for receiving caste and income certificates;
  • Nagar nigam paying house tax and to get birth/death certificates;
  • Development authority’s office for applying for a housing project etc.

Besides the time taken and the energy spent in commuting, the citizen has to incur cost for commuting, besides the cost incurred as a result of loss of time. However, more commuting and investment of one’s time may not bring him or her close to the desired results easily, as the procedures involved are complicated. Considering these aspect, it was felt that it would be become extremely convenient for the citizen if instead of commuting to various government offices, one could get all the relevant information and services at or near one’s door steps through a Single Window Clearances from e-Suvidha Kendras. Started on pilot basis in Lucknw in August, 2006, at present there are 31 such centers in Lucknow. The vision of e-Suvidha project so as to obviate the need for citizens and business people to visit the Government offices except for specialized and complex services. The following services are presently being offered at all the locations:

  • Electricity Bill Payment Service
  • Payment of Water Tax for Jal Sansthan
  • Payment of House Tax for Nagar Nigam
  • Payment of House Installments for LDA.
  • Railway Ticketing Service.
  • BSNL Bill Payments/Cellone Services.

All the citizen centers operate from 8 AM to 8 PM on all working days including Sundays and holidays. Citizens can avail any service from any of the e-Suvidha Service Centers across any counter without any jurisdictional limit. All e-Suvidha Service centers accept all forms forms of payments including credit cards. Selected Centers are being equipped with electronic queuing system so as to avoid the queues at the centers and a help desk.

1. Services being offered at 31 e-Suvidha Centers:-

S/N Name of the
Facility to
deposite bills
No. of Centers
1. Madhyanchal Vidya
Vitran Nigam Ltd. LESA
1. Electricity
2. Nagar Nigam
2. House Tax Bill 31
3. Lucknow Jal
3. Water
Tax/Sever Tax Bill
4. Lucknow
Development Authority (LDA)
4. Installments
of property
5. Bharat Sanchar
Nigam Ltd. (BSNL)
5. Basic
Telephone Bill
WLL Telephone Bill
PCO Bill
Mobile Bill
6. Indian Railway
(Indian railway Caterings and tourism corporation Ltd. (IRCTC))
Reservation Ticket Tatkal Reservation Ticket

Advantage to the associated department with e-Suvidha.

  1. Nos. of collections centers, in the form of e-Suvidha centers, have increased and spread throughout the city, in the vicinity of the residential areas and office premises of the consumers, thereby attracting non willing consumers also.
  2. Their consumers data are updated on real time basis;
  3. Payment mechanism has become on-line.
  4. Interface with consumers with their officials for billing activities have decreased.
  5. Department manpower earlier engaged in billing activities can be given additional responsibility of other activities.
  6. Department account has become on-line and proper MIS report is generated.
  7. Infrastructure cost for billing activities has also reduced.
  8. Good ambience of e-Suvidha centers has encouraged consumers to become regular paymasters.

Advantage to Consumer with e-Suvidha

  1. Single window deposition of all bills.
  2. Time and money (in commutation) has reduced.
  3. Can deposit bills after office hours and n National holidays and Sundays also.
  4. Not t stand in long queue, deposition of bills across the counters chairs.
  5. Separate counter of senior citizen and handicapped person;
  6. Good ambience of e-Suvidha centers.
  7. Basic amenities are available at e-Suvidha centers.
  8. e-Suvidha centers are available in the vicinity of their residential areas and office premises;
  9. Quick Service and Transparency of the system.

Achievement/Salient features of e-Suvidha

  1. To render public utility Service to the common citizen towards e-government on real time online transaction.
  2. The selected services and information of State, Central and Semi-Government Department and Agencies , Authorities , Autonomous bodies, Corporation and Board are placed on one interface of e-Suvidha
  3. The interface to common citizen has been provided on an efficient, reliable and integrated manner on a sustained basis through computer networking,
  4. To provide any service at any counter and in any in any location with Electronic queuing system spread over at strategic locations in the city.
  5. Public utility services FREE OF COST/LOW COST (for rly ticketing ) to common citizen.
  6. Real time online Single window integration and transaction of all selected Services at 2, 3,7, 8, 12 counters presently at 31 e-Suvidh Centres.
  7. Any Area -Any Center -Any Counter – All Services
  8. One – stop shop for n+ services.
  9. Centers are open on Holidays & Sundays too on two-shift basis (8.00 AM to 8.00 PM).
  10. Centers have separate Counter for Senior Citizens and Handicapped persons.
  11. Help desk facility.
  12. Electronic queuing system consisting of an automatic taken dispenser, electronic displays and controls for efficient transaction of business at selected e-Suvidha Center’s.
  13. Good air-conditioned ambience for citizens.
  14. Accepts all forms of Money (cash, cheque, demand draft etc.)
  15. Quick Service and Transparency of the system.
  16. Centers are spread across the city in the vicinity of the residents.
  17. It has enhanced the accountability, transparency and responsiveness to citizen’s needs.
  18. It has provided cost-effective methods of service provision to the departments and agencies.
  19. It has started providing efficient and real-time MIS to the departments.
  20. To enable the government departments and agencies to focus on their core functions and responsibilities by freeing them from the routine operations like collection of revenues and accounting, issuing of certificates etc, and thereby enhance the overall productivity of the administrative machinery.
  21. It has achieved the project satisfies the basic tenets of an e-Governance project like, People-orientation, Scalability, Replicability and Cost-effectiveness in providing the services.
e-Suvidha Project – esuvidha